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Gustafson has designed and painted countless murals ranging from 2500+ square feet to an infant's nursery wall. Gustafson's murals can be found around the Midwest in many locations, especially throughout the Quad City Area including John Deere-Moline, Rock Island Arts and Entertainment District, Edgewood Baptist Church and Select Hospital. While at Sherrard High School (Sherrard, Illinois), where he taught art for 12 years, he completed 10 murals for the school district, three of which spanned over 20'. He has the capability to work at extreme heights while producing a high quality and distinctive product. Indoors or out, large scale or small, Gustafson can work with your idea to come up with a creative and distinctive design.

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The mural design process begins with the client and Gustafson discussing the desired theme or subject matter for the mural. The mural originates from a client's basic idea and is developed into a series of rough thumbnail sketches. These sketches can easily be sent via E-mail if needed for step-by-step approval or editing. The next step is the final detailed drawing which will receive a client's approval prior to a full color small scale rendering. This scale model, as previous Gustafson mural renderings have shown, will assure accuracy in detail and color for the large full size mural. Murals are priced based on a combination of square footage, complexity, and type of paint required (indoor or outdoor).