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The murals created for Sherrard High School promote the pride and enthusiasm for the school by using original designs for the school mascot - the Tigers.The first large mural was created depicting an enormous 20' tiger breaking through the north wall in the school's gym.This mural was completed in 1997 using acrylic interior latex enamel.

The second 30+' mural at Sherrard is an exterior mural created on corrugated siding which is facing the football field. Along with the giant lettering "Sherrard Tigers" there are three athletes of different sports and 5 tigers in motion.

The third mural at Sherrard shows three tigers jumping through flaming hoops, along with the text "Olympic Spirit Burns". This bright purple and gold 20'mural covers the gym wall and gives the viewer the illusion of the realistic tigers jumping right onto the gym floor.

Several other murals were completed at various elementary schools in the district.